Top Dogs of 225: Moose

“Moose is everything you could want an office dog to be. He’s the MVP of package delivery alerts, the designated four-legged greeter, and the king of the zoomies. But most of all, he’s always there when you need a little comfort on a stressful day.” — Haleigh Reynolds

Owner: Chris and Nancy Steiner

Breed: Pitbull, Chow & Super Mutt

Age: 3

In just one word: Chill

Why he’s special: Moose is the official greeter of DAA Media + Marketing—his name is actually on the front door. His primary duty is alerting us of guests and deliveries. Although he can often be found lying across the hallway like a fluffy speed bump, he’s also happy to offer affection as needed to help the staff relieve stress.

How we met: Moose was adopted from Companion Animal Alliance when he was 4 months old.

Unique skill set: Moose’s easygoing personality has a very calming effect. Having him at work every day makes the office feel more like a home.

Pooch passion: His unique appearance draws a lot of attention. Everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is and it’s a perfect ice breaker and conversation starter when we meet new people. He also has very cute dream barks.

Favorite getaway: Moose has a standing date to go to the Raising Cane’s Dog Park every Saturday morning with his across-the-street DBF (dog best friend). He also enjoys RV camping trips.

Favorite reward: Moose has a treat jar located near the office snack counter. Each morning he gets a few dog cookies, or as we like to refer to them … his “paychecks.”

Follow him on Instagram: @moose.on.daa.loose

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