Get to know a few of the Capital City’s more exotic pets


Species: Axolotl (salamander)

Age: 2 years old

Pet parents: Sean and Meg Braud, who run Scales and Tails Reptiles Rescue

Meaning behind the name: “He is pink and red, and Valentine’s Day is (Meg’s) favorite holiday.”

Favorite food: Worms

Where he lives: An aquarium in the Brauds’ living room

Favorite activities: “He likes swimming around and playing in his bubbles. He comes up to us when it’s time to be fed.”

Fun facts: “He’s nocturnal, so he comes out of his (hiding place) around 7–8 p.m.”


Breed: African Pygmy Hedgehog

Age: 2 years old

Pet parent: Sarah Brown

Favorite food: Mealworms

Where he lives: A 20-gallon fish tank with paper bedding, a hut and a wheel

Favorite activities: “He likes to go to Pelican to Mars, an animal-friendly bar on Government Street. People hold him or let him run around on their chest or shoulders. He likes to lick people’s necks.”

Fun facts: “Hedgehogs are nocturnal and have very poor vision.”


Species: Western hognose snake

Age: 3 years old

Pet arents: Sean and Meg Braud

Meaning behind the name: “He has a shovel nose to dig that looks like a piglet nose.“

Favorite food: Mice

Where he lives: A 20-gallon tank in the Brauds’ reptile room

Favorite activities: “He loves to dig. He has a tank (filled) with Aspen Snake Bedding, and he makes tunnels throughout.”

Fun facts: “(Hognose snakes) play dead when threatened. They roll over, put their tongue out and (emit) a smell. … They can also make their mouths bleed a little.”

This article was originally published in the November 2023 issue of 225 magazine.