Wow the mother figure in your life with a French bistro-style lunch

May is a time to honor our mothers. Now more than ever, we like to take every opportunity to celebrate the ones we love—whatever the occasion! Some of our favorite childhood memories include traveling with our mother and seeing wonderful new places through her eyes. Once we grew up and had kids of our own, we continued the tradition of family travel to interesting places, both far and near. Being able to share travel experiences as children with our mother—and now as adults with our own children—is something we both dearly cherish.

We may not be able to travel as much as we would like to at the moment, so this Mother’s Day menu is inspired by a favorite place for all of us. A casual French bistro-style luncheon transports us all back to a memorable trip to Paris.

Whether you’ve been to France or not, this is a great holiday meal to share with your family. Enjoy it while reminiscing over old photos, laughing at nostalgic stories and making more memories together with those you love.

On the menu

Croque Madame and Spring Greens with French Vinaigrette

French 75

Classic French Napoleon

This article was originally published in the May 2021 issue of 225 magazine.