First Look: The Pink Agave brings its $1 Taco Tuesdays and novelty drinks to Baton Rouge

Known for flashy cocktails, $1 Taco Tuesdays and quesabirria tacos, The Pink Agave opens today, March 1, at 4001 Nicholson Drive in the spot once occupied by The Bullfish Bistro. The Mexican restaurant and bar first opened in Ponchatoula in 2022, and quickly expanded to Covington and Amite before moving into the Baton Rouge market.

Co-owner Marco Herrera and his partners had been eyeing the Capital City and were especially interested in being close to LSU.

“We definitely like the idea of being near a college campus,” Herrera says. “This is a prime location, in our opinion.”

The restaurant opened next to the Sonesta ES Suites and seats about 78, including outdoor dining on the front patio.

As for design, Herrera and his team worked for the last four months to create a moody, modern look with a black-and-white mosaic tile floor, caramel braided-back barstools, artificial foliage walls and quippy quotes in neon.

No surprise, splashes of hot pink lights abound, illuminating the bar, walls and banquettes.


Along with Mexican fare, The Pink Agave has developed a following for its three dozen or so original cocktails, including numerous margaritas.

“I guarantee you, you cannot find them anywhere else,” Herrera says. “We have the perfect balance of good presentation and good quality.”

Presentation means your bev could arrive in a 64-ounce glass purse (yes, purse), an IV bag or a plastic tub complete with a rubber duckie. Other cocktails are served in watering cans or glass fish or pineapples.

Presentation is key to Pink Agave’s cocktails, which can be served in glass purses, IV bags, plastic tubs, watering cans or glass fish or pineapples.

“We like to make sure our drinks are good, strong and fun at the same time,” Herrera says.

The Hot Tub, for example, is a blueberry margarita poured into a plastic bathtub-shaped vessel; the Badass Bear is a frozen blue raspberry margarita that arrives in a honey bear container topped with a live sparkler; and the Big Purse-onality is a 64-ounce citrus margarita garnished with grenadine and fresh oranges and served in a decorative glass vessel resembling a handbag. The behemoth cocktail is often shared among friends.

The Drip Too Hard is the concept’s top seller. It features a mounted IV bag filled with a strawberry margarita mixture that drips into an ice-filled glass below. The Bougie Bitch is another favorite. Served in a traditional glass (imagine!), it’s flavored with dragon fruit and mango and garnished with a rock candy lollipop.

The restaurant’s most popular order is the quesabirria tacos, a dish that’s risen in popularity across the country and in Baton Rouge. It features pan-grilled braised beef tacos with cheese and a side of consommé for dipping.

Elsewhere on the compact menu, diners will find chimichangas, Sonoran-style ceviche, quesadillas and tacos with 11 different proteins.

Pink Agave co-owner Marco Herrera

The Pink Agave will run Taco Tuesday specials that feature $1 tacos (except steak or shrimp) with no limits on quantity. Other weekly specials include lunch all day on Mondays, half-price appetizers on Wednesdays, small frozen margaritas on Thursdays and bottomless mimosas on Saturdays and Sundays.

Herrera says diners can expect the food menu to change regularly.

“We’re always exploring and traveling to different states and restaurants,” he says. “We try to get inspired on different concepts we see and add our own twist to it.”

The Pink Agave is open for lunch and dinner daily. For more info, visit pinkagavetaqueria.com.