Sudden impact – 10 young creatives lifting local culture to new heights

An actor, a painter, a fashion designer, an aspiring chefand musicians of all stripes…Creativity, many have said, takes years to perfect. Legend has it that many of the greatest poets and musicians in history owe the depth of their work to decades of experience and even some hard-earned life lessons.

In his popular book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell—who speaks at Leadercast Greater Baton Rouge on May 9—champions the concept of a craft taking 10,000 hours to master, calling achievement “talent plus preparation.”

But what does it really take to create something meaningful something of impact? If you ask the promising youth of Baton Rouge, they’ll tell you that it takes talent, energy, inspiration and the drive to get things done.

In 20 or fewer years, these 10 young people have found their creative passion and are following it with ferocity.

And each has a unique story to tell.

With every casting call, every bar of music, every prick of a sewing needle, every brushstroke, every beat, members of this new generation of creativity are making their mark on the Capital City, and they are doing it today.

Tomorrow, they just might make their own legends.

Click below to read about these 10 young people making their mark on the Capital City.





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