Nannette Mayhall’s king cakes are the real deal

Nannette Mayhall has been baking for 25 years. These days, she rarely has an ounce of free time thanks to her constant business—delivering cakes to restaurants such as Juban’s, DiGiulio Brothers, Heather V’s Café and Yvette Marie’s Café. She also makes wedding cakes.

“I’m working all day long,” she says.

This time of year, her king cakes are also helping make her a household name when it comes to Baton Rouge sweets.

“I started making these about 20 years ago,” she says. “I knew I had to do something around this time to make money, and all these parties wanted king cakes.”

Her hand-rolled cakes are different than the grocery store fare in that they’re moist and full of sugary flavor. Addictive doesn’t begin to describe Mayhall’s creations.

Her king cakes come in the traditional flavor as well as raspberry, blueberry, praline, cinnamon, Oreo, chocolate and chocolate toffee. By request, she can also prepare a Zulu coconut king cake as well.

“Everything is cream cheese-based,” she says. “These are different than what you might get at Walmart or Albertson’s. It might be more expensive [than king cakes at chain grocery stores], but you get what you pay for. I put as much in these cakes as I do any other cake I prepare.”

Mayhall’s cakes can only be purchased through her and are made-to-order. To place your order and find out more information, call 343-4530.