Local entrepreneur donates one million meals to Food Bank

Just in time to make the holidays merrier for Baton Rouge families, local entrepreneur Ryan D. Jumonville has donated one million meals to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank to help feed children that are food insecure and missing meals on a daily basis. Jumonville, CEO of Baton Rouge based United Networks of America, was inspired to give a helping hand to these children during a time when the Food Bank so desperately needs the support. “I recently read a report that ranked Louisiana #1 in food insecure children under 5 years old. More than 1 out of every 4 children in Louisiana are food insecure,” said Jumonville. “That means that children are unable to consistently access adequate amounts of food. Louisianans are too proud a people to allow children to go hungry in our great State. Louisiana is famous for having world class cuisine. It is difficult to take pride in that knowing we have kids that are going hungry. I truly believe that once this message gets out the people of Louisiana will come together to resolve this crisis,” said Jumonville. “We are grateful and humbled by this generous donation that will be put to good use in feeding those less fortunate in our community. Food is a basic human need and no child should have to go to bed or wake up hungry every day,” said Michael Manning, President and CEO of the Food Bank. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank will use this donation to expand its programs to help identify and feed children in need. One of the new tools will be a dedicated e-mail hotline ([email protected]) that can be used to contact the organization regarding children in need. If you are interested in helping children and families in need visit brfoodbank.org.