Killers spree

When you go as far as you can in the bounds of a group and you need to go further, it’s time to enlist the troops. That is exactly what Baton Rouge progressive/post-hardcore band Twin Killers is doing for its extravaganza at the Manship Theatre April 7. “We’ll be playing with a string section orchestrated by Dave Hinson, and a choir of girls,” says Andrew Martin, guitarist and chief songwriter for the group. “There will be dancers, an intense stage setup of [singer] Jessica Ramsey’s arts and crafts, and lots of other things. We became obsessed with sound from going to the symphony and from Dave’s violin on Two Fridas.”

Two Fridas finds the group’s complex sense of melody circling Ramsey’s lyrics like a vine climbing a trellis, going full throttle for minutes until suddenly the tune becomes a pulse before blooming once again to the full orchestration.

“We learned how to relegate the guitar to designated rest stops,” says Martin. “Plus, putting strings with Jessica’s vocals made a more exciting and lush listening experience.”

Twin Killers’ 2010 debut Lemon Heart Opera is a staggeringly maximalist experience, an adrenaline-addled attempt to fill every possible moment with as much music as the band could add.

The music for the yet-to-be-titled album seems to have taken a progression of its own.

“As the songs began to develop, and we incorporated the strings and all these other elements, the music became something beyond our band,” says keyboardist/bassist Jeffery Livingston. “We reached something that we didn’t know was going to happen.”

The Manship Theatre concert on April 7 will be Twin Killers’ first in eight months.

Go online for new videos and songs leading up to the show. twinkillers.bandcamp.com