Kelli Scott Kelley

Associate Professor of Painting, LSU School of Art
Age: 51
Child: Finn (pictured), age 15
Spouse: Bill Kelley

Battling the feelings of guilt about not doing enough as a mom or in my work.

Be completely in the moment and present for the precious time you have with your child. Put away your cell phone and computer and get down on the floor. My son is a teen now, and I really miss those LEGO years. These days it is more about asking questions about his world and listening.

Early mornings before school have become a special time for me to be with my son. I let his dad sleep so I can have that quiet time with Finn before we go off in different directions. This morning we witnessed an amazing fluorescent pink sunrise together outside the dining room window while we ate our breakfast. Finn and I are connected by our love of art. For the past three years I have taken him to New York City for his birthday, where we’ve had the opportunity to see great art together and share memorable experiences in that Mecca of cultural diversity.