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What is Melara Enterprises?

Melara Enterprises is a creative, innovative company that publishes 225 Magazine, inRegisterGreater Baton Rouge Business Report and a host of other specialty publications, websites and e-newsletters.

How many editorial interns are there?

We love interns. We can generally accommodate between two and three of them per semester.

How long do internships last?

Typically, internships run on a trimester schedule, lasting roughly the duration of a school semester. Fall/Winter internships run from September to December; Winter/Spring, January to May; Summer, May to August. However, we can make other arrangements when it is beneficial to both the intern and the magazine.

How many hours do interns work?

We generally ask interns to work 12 to 20 hours a week. Scheduling is flexible. Your editor will work with you to set the beginning and end dates for your internship, as well as your weekly schedule.

What about college credit? Can we talk money?

These are paid internships. If you’re enrolled in a university internship program, we are also happy to help you earn credit for your experience here. Contact your school’s internship coordinator or supervisor for more details.

What can I expect to learn?

That’s up to you. We’re a working publishing company, and we expect interns to be self-motivated and productive during their time here. This is not a “grunt work” kind of internship; all of our interns prepare actual news content that will be published. The scope and challenge of your assignments will be based on your skills and initiative. Many of our interns leave with an impressive portfolio of bylined work.

What kind of computers do you have and what apps do you use?

Our editorial and production divisions work entirely on Macs. A workstation that includes a desktop computer will be provided for you, but you are free to bring your own laptop or tablet if you prefer. We use a variety of apps, including Microsoft Word, WordPress and Google Docs. If you are familiar with visualization apps such as Tableau or ThingLink, or if you have other digital content skills, that’s a plus.

How do I apply?

Please send us a cover letter stating your interest in an editorial internship, along with a copy of your résumé and three samples of your writing or photography. For writers, we’d prefer at least a few samples of journalistic writing that prove you can write in a crisp, readable, newsy style. These needn’t have been published. Your résumé must include at least three references. We’ll contact you if we’d like to invite you to interview. You can apply directly to the editor of the publication that interests you.

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