Cheap eats

This month’s OurCity shares what some of your neighbors are doing to save in lean economic times. We know what you’re thinking now. Where can I find a good, inexpensive meal in this city? We picked five worthy lunches and five great dinners that won’t break your bank. So stay local, stay out of the drive-thru and give your fridge a breather. Try these cheap eats.

Light (in the wallet) LUNCHES

1. Pressed deli po-boy, chips, fountain drink ($5.68) at American Market (5251 Nicholson Dr. #Q, 767-7531)

2. Chicken shawarma sandwich, fries, fountain drink ($4.79) at Atcha Bakery (3221 Nicholson Dr., 383-7482)

3. Red beans and rice with sausage ($2.95), hush puppies ($2.50) at The Chimes (3357 Highland Rd., 383-1754; 10870 Coursey Blvd., 296-4981)

4. Salmon skin salad ($5) at Hello Sushi (3930 Burbank Dr.,768-8808)

5. Vegetarian “fakin’ bacon” BLT on 14-grain bread ($3.75), homemade fruit cobbler ($1.75) at Our Daily Bread (9414 Florida Blvd., 924-1215; Main Street Market, 504 N. 5th St., 344-1022)

Dollar-conscious DINNERS

1. Abita beer chili ($6.95), home-fried chips ($1.95) at Bistro Byronz (5412 Government St., 218-1433)

2. Grilled chicken breast with rosemary red potatoes and Creole stuffed tomato ($7.95) at Chelsea?s Café (2857 Perkins Rd., 387-3679)

3. 10-inch pepperoni pizza ($7.95) at Louis DeAngelo’s Casual Italian Dining (several locations citywide, deangelospizzeria.com)

4. Monjuni’s Lite salad with smoked turkey breast, Roma tomatoes and baby corn over mixed greens and Cajun dressing ($7.95) at Monjuni?s Italian Café and Grocery (711 Jefferson Hwy, 231-1595; 7343 Highland Rd., 302-7407)

5. Shrimp and artichoke soup ($5.25), tossed salad ($2.50) at Parrain’s Seafood Restaurant (3225 Perkins Rd., 381-9922)