Cade Williams (I)

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Do you believe Baton Rouge has a race problem, and if so what 2 steps would you take as mayor in your first year to address it? 

Sometimes, yes, I do. There are so many things that one could do, but it really comes down to the community. There are no more laws that we can make to promote equal rights, so it has to start in the home with character development so we can train up people to respect each other and we don’t continue the racism.

East Baton Rouge Parish and its residents were severely impacted by the August floods. What specific ideas do you have to rebuild our community and strengthen its people?

Encourage our people to come together and get out and help each other. To pick up their gloves and hammers and help other people. I’ve helped out on a bunch of houses, and it really just gives you an understanding of how people are living right now, with walls torn out and everything missing. We need to have a central place, a website, where we can help people get together and organize and help others.

In order for you to consider your first term as mayor a success, what is the No. 1 thing you hope to have accomplished?

Better traffic flow. More funding of transportation, more roundabouts, better roads and a better understanding of how we’re spending money on construction. We need to make CATS more efficient to improve our public transportation system and end our dependence on foreign oil.

His background:

High school senior. Does SEO for websites.

Not much, given that he will only be 18 years old on election day. Running to inspire other young people and bring more attention to issues he cares about.

Fund private nonprofit groups that help in recovery from floods and other disasters. Better train law enforcement on the effective and appropriate use of force. Emphasize rehabilitation and reintegration into society of former prisoners. Provide small financial incentives for students to excel in school. Meet with school officials to see what can be done to help students succeed. Spend more money on road improvement. Raise taxes on tobacco products.