Three bucket list trip ideas from local travel agents

When we dream big, many of us think of travel. This month, our sister publication inRegister is digging into three once-in-a-lifetime trips, as defined by local travel advisors Tiffany Ellis, Kristin Diehl and Caitlin Stolzenthaler. And while each trip is about dreaming big, the idea is to seize the day rather than letting your list of must-do experiences collect dust.

“Life’s seasons come and go, and what might be a bucket list item for one season may not be attainable in another,” Bayard explains. “Go climb the mountain when you’re 30, not 80. Learn a new language when you’re older and physicality is more challenging. Second, ask for help. If you want to go to a specific destination but you get overwhelmed planning trips, use a travel agent. If you want to learn a new skill but don’t know how to connect to a teacher, go to the library or local university and ask someone. I think so often we get in our own way or talk ourselves out of achieving bucket list items because we get embarrassed or overwhelmed with not knowing how to take the first step.”

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