Working with Mom: The Fashionistas

This Mother’s Day, we are celebrating 225 businesses run by moms and their children. We asked and they answered: Find out what goes on behind the scenes and how they make it work.

Debbie Herrington, Mom
Haley Herrington, daughter
Hanna Lavergne, daughter

HerringStone’s Boutique


Over the years, HerringStone’s has transformed into a Louisiana staple boutique.

What started as a small family business has steadily grown into something greater, with five store locations in Louisiana: HerringStone’s Monroe, HerringStone’s Lafayette, HeirLoom By HerringStone’s Youngsville, HeirLoom By HerringStone’s in Houma, and the newest addition HerringStone’s Baton Rouge. Each location is a haven for style, fashion, and top-of-the-line customer service.

What’s the biggest challenge in working together?
The biggest challenge in working together would be keeping personal and business lives separate. It can be tough not to talk business at the dinner table when you need to talk business. We have to stay mindful to not be so business minded when we are together as a family. We think, for the most part, we do a pretty good job at balancing it all out.

What unique talents/traits do each of you bring to the partnership?
My mom, Debbie is a BOSS and she knows how to run a successful-thriving business. While I am still learning and growing, I learn every day from our partnership because I have such an intelligent woman to guide me through it all.

How do you keep family and business separate?
Keeping family and business separate is quite challenging at times, but we seem to balance it out as best as we know how to. Our family is super close,  so we make it a point to keep it that way by not bringing that into the mix of our business.

What have you learned from one another?
We have learned a great amount of things from one another. What sticks out to us the most is how to be patient with one another and to always show respect towards each other. Also, we have learned some pretty awesome creative skills such as merchandising and buying. Debbie, the mother, is extremely talented at remerchandising and buying for the boutiques. Haley, the daughter, has learned those skills from her mother. Haley is now one of HerringStone’s top buyers and merchandisers in the company thanks to her mother.


HerringStone’s Boutique | 7474 Corporate Blvd | Baton Rouge | herringstonesboutique.com