Test driving dressing rooms around Baton Rouge

Whether we like them or not, dressing rooms are a major part of our shopping experience. Lighting, mirror length and the size of the room can completely change how a person sees a garment. High-end clothing stores such as Lilly Pulitzer’s storefronts and Kiki de Montparnasse in New York City give Baton Rouge boutiques something to aspire to. They’re known for amenities like complimentary chocolates, lighting control settings, comfy suede seating and bar carts in their lavish dressing rooms. The 225 staff wondered: What are local boutiques doing to make their dressing rooms special? We ventured to six clothing stores around Baton Rouge to find out.

So Sis Boutique

“I love this cute clear chair and large full-length mirror. I have plenty of space to dance around and be extra. Plus, the disposable face masks to prevent makeup from getting on the clothes are the coolest.”

—Staff writer Cynthea Corfah

Chatta Box

“Every store needs a comfy, furry ottoman for you to sit and put heels on. And the crisp, clean curtains are just the backdrop to let the clothes do the talking. Not that they’ll need much help, when you’re trying on the same slinky, sequiny dress J-Lo wore on her birthday. NBD.”

—Editor Jennifer Tormo

Merci Beaucoup

“I’m not sure if it’s the great lighting or what, but I’m not leaving without this shirt.”

—Staff writer Cynthea Corfah

Wanderlust by Abby

“I pulled a retro dress off the rack and twirled around in one of the rustic, shiplappy fitting rooms. Maybe it was the roadtrip-ready Beach Boys playing on the stereo or the shop’s wanderlust name, but I felt totally ready to go an adventure.”

—Editor Jennifer Tormo

Martinez Custom

“While the dressing room might be old school, the jackets Manuel Martinez kept handing me to try on were sharp, effortlessly cool and with just the right amount of luxe detailing. I could imagine spending an afternoon here sipping whiskey while Martinez fits me for an impeccable suit and schools me on how to be my best, most confident self.”

—Managing Editor Benjamin Leger

Head Over Heels

“Finally, a dressing room for a tall girl. This floor to ceiling mirror is giving me life.”

—Staff writer Cynthea Corfah

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This article was originally published in the September 2019 issue of 225 Magazine.