Straight from High Point Market, these are the interior design trends to know

In the world of interior design, it can be hard to keep up with what’s “in,” especially with the surplus of inspiration we have at our fingertips. But while at High Point Market, Emily Wood of Emily Wood Interiors saw plenty of trends that are sure to be popular in homes for the years to come.

“We noticed several concepts repeated throughout different showrooms,” she says. “And I’m so excited to incorporate some of these elements into my current design projects.”

Keep reading to hear from Wood about her favorite trends and tips for choosing what to invest in for your home.

What trends did you spot at market?

Game tables are big right now. Most showrooms we visited had a game table set for 4 with fun but comfortable chairs. This idea of creating multi-use spaces is huge. We’re seeing a more creative use of space in all areas of the home. I love the idea of having multiple seating areas in a living space such as a banquette or desk area within a living room, but game tables are great because they can be used to play cards or the newly popular Mahjong, but can also be used for overflow seating at holidays.

Another thing we loved was the creative use of color. We saw lots of pastel colors like pale pink, sage green, light blue and lavender. Blue has always been popular as it can really be a neutral, in my opinion, but I loved the look of layering different tones of the same color throughout a space. Thoughtful little details like piping and trim are great ways to bring in color if you want your space to read more neutral overall, but still want to incorporate some color. Pastels are a great option for people who want color, but don’t want to go bold. Pastel prints were also popular throughout different showrooms.

The art placement at market really had me excited. I love a more unconventional approach to hanging art. There is no right answer when it comes to art because it’s very subjective. Be creative and free-flowing with placement! The more random the better. A few showrooms did this really well. I love this approach to art because it creates something interesting to look at and is a great conversation starter. I think there is a push for less perfectionism and more expressionism in the home. I encourage you to pull out the random old frames, mirrors and art in the closet and hang them all together in one big collage. If you aren’t sure where to start, Ann Connelly is a great resource.

Do you have any favorites?

My favorite of the three listed above would have to be art. Art is so personal and no two people have the same exact taste in art. I started my art collection when I was in high school and I love adding meaningful pieces each year. I love the layered look of a gallery wall and how it encourages the collection of art.

You can start with 4 to 5 pieces, and as time goes on, fill up an entire wall. My collection will never stop growing. Some people like fancy wine and nice food, but I like art! A few of my favorites in my personal collection include Lynn Sanders, Alexis Walter, Helen Bolin and Dorothy Turnipseed Swendson. I got two pieces by Dorothy Swendson at Artvark Ltd recently. Artvark is a great place to go to start or grow your collection.

Since trends are constantly changing, are there any that are more worthy of investing in versus others?

Invest in things that make you happy. Game tables, pastel colors, and art placement are all things that are currently in style, but they are not ‘trends’ per say. Game tables are multifunctional. I recently helped a client rearrange her space, and we opened up her drop-leaf table to form a game table. Invest in pieces that serve multiple purposes or can be used in other areas in the future.

Pastels could be brought in with pillows, accessories or art. I wouldn’t go out and buy a lavender sofa if you all of a sudden love lavender. If you’ve loved the color for years and it’s a color you never tire of, then I would consider a colored sofa. I have a client who wants an olive green sofa and an ocean blue colored sectional and I’m all about it, but that’s because she loves color. You just have to be smart about what you invest in. Of the ideas I listed, I would say art is the most investment-worthy. Art placement is not permanent, and art can truly change a space. If you collect pieces you love, you can always find a space for them no matter where you live.

How can we see if it’s worth investing in for our homes?

Game table: Grab a fold-out table and some folding chairs. Leave it out for a few months and see if you use it before investing in quality pieces.

Pastels: Try throwing in some fun pillows or accessories with said color. If you love it for several months, I would consider incorporating the color more permanently.

Art: If you want to take a more DIY approach, you can start your collection at estate sales, flea markets or even garage sales. I love looking for unique pieces at Round Top antique market and local consignment stores.

What’s your favorite part about market?

My favorite part about market is, of course, visiting vendors, but I love seeing how they change the showrooms each year. The walls stay put for the most part, but you feel like you are in a totally different venue. I also love seeing what other designers gravitate towards. There truly is someone out there for every style. There are some pieces I see and think, ‘Wow, that is wild. I would never use that.’ And five seconds later, another designer walks in and is giddy over her placement idea for the piece. It’s cool to see all of the different styles out there and that there really is a place for everyone.