A military- and safari-themed boy’s room is full of family history

In Shannon Mahon’s children’s bedrooms, the enduring love of family is obvious.

In 4-year-old McCoy’s room, a framed military jacket that once belonged to Mahon’s grandfather hangs on the wall. Other objects on display harken to the service of Mahon’s maternal grandfather, who was a graduate of West Point, and Mahon’s husband’s mom, who served as a nurse during Operation Desert Storm.

“My husband’s mother was a colonel, and we are having the medals she earned framed to display in here, too,” she says.

The presence of Mahon’s brother Adam, who passed away a few years back, is also felt in McCoy’s room. He played on Catholic High School’s baseball team, and he liked to keep his home-run scoring baseballs. Mahon placed them in display cases.

“He would write the date on the balls, so we have his handwriting, too,” she says.

This article was originally published in the 225 Extra: 2018 Spaces & Places issue. Click here to read more articles from this issue.