Inside St. Francisville’s Deyo and Barlow boutiques, a his-and-hers shopping experience

It’s the destination where exploration meets elegance. Deyo Supply Company is for those going from the duck blind to the dinner table. Just steps away, Barlow presents pieces for jet-setting fashionistas.

These stores are a dream come true for owners Don and Susan Charlet and their sons, John Luke and Cage Charlet. Both opened on Commerce Street in St. Francisville last fall, aiming to provide a unified experience that caters to the different, yet complementary, clothing needs of Louisiana men and women.

“We all work very closely together,” Cage says of the family business. “There’s a lot of overlap that takes place, but ultimately, my parents (Don and Susan) are the visionaries of the stores. John Luke handles the general operations, and I handle the marketing.”

Named after the Cajun French term for “outdoors,” Deyo offers a variety of durable apparel for outdoorsmen, from everyday attire to gear. The owners incorporated their own interests, such as fishing and duck hunting, into their selections. The stock ranges from linen button-downs and sportcoats to Barbour rubber boots and Martin Dingman dress shoes.

“There’s really not another store that’s the same as Deyo,” Cage says. “We’re not cornered into one thing. We see all walks of life walk in.”

Inside, the shop is decorated with antique decoys, framed hunting-related magazine articles and outdoorsy artwork. Much of what’s on the walls is also for sale. A leather couch, perched in front of a TV screening sports games, provides a refuge for those waiting for loved ones on the other side of the hallway—which leads to Barlow.

The chic women’s boutique evolved from a mobile fashion trailer created back in 2020 that’s still making its way to pop-ups and markets today. The brick-and-mortar is a refined space, lit by gilded chandeliers above velvet couches.

The clothing style here leans modern and elevated, with dresses and accessories begging to be packed up for vacation. Aspiring to be a one-stop-shop, Barlow’s collection spans cocktail attire, flowy dresses and embroidered tops, plus sportswear and casual, everyday clothing.

“Susan does such a great job of picking out the products that we sell (at Barlow),” Cage says of his mother. “She’s just got such a great eye. In a lot of ways, she’s picking out the things that she loves to wear, and thankfully, that translates to what other people like to wear, too.”

These connected stores don’t just represent the Charlet family’s passions, though.

They cater to the individual styles of each customer, whether they’re heading for a hunting trip or a casual dinner downtown—and they unite couples shopping together.

“What ends up happening is, (couples) have a really enjoyable time,” Cage says. “Both are satisfied and wanting to come back, which is relatively unique. We just happen to be able to kind of harness that benefit of being in two places at once.”

This article was originally published in the August 2023 issue of 225 magazine.