First Look: Hotel Toussaint opens in St. Francisville, with French design and Southern touches

Hotel Toussaint is giving a new meaning to the term “boutique hotel,” with eight hospitable and shoppable rooms packed with pieces inspired by French Regency and classic Southern charm.

The new getaway spot is taking its first reservations this week. The property comes from the Charlets, a family known for development in the area, including its transformation of the North Commerce complex. Hotel Toussaint joins their other nearby businesses The Corbel, Barlow Fashion, Deyo Supply Company and The Mallory. The new getaway spot boasts eight uniquely designed rooms suited for tourists, wedding parties and regional travelers alike. 

“We’re slightly (more) elevated than your commercial look with higher-end furniture, higher-end experiences and just having different amenities that aren’t necessarily available (at) like a Hilton, Best Western or a chain hotel,” says Lauren Charlet, who designed the interiors at Hotel Toussaint.



Charlet says the idea for the boutique hotel was to create a space that would be fun for bridal parties to stay at and get ready at before heading over to The Mallory for their wedding reception. A complimentary hotel room is included for couples who book the Mallory. But, guests can also book a stay for vacations or any other occasion. 

The hotel incorporates plenty of French touches thanks to its muse, Nicolas Toussaint Charlet. While flipping through an art-filled coffee table book with her family, Charlet discovered the French painter—and possible distant relative. From there, she decided that reprints of the artist’s pieces, which usually depict military subjects like Napoleon Bonaparte, would be featured throughout. 

“We’re so tightknit as a family,” Charlet says. “So, then having the hotel named after a man who we might be related to just made it all kind of full circle for us. … It’s kind of cool to see this hotel come to life from him.” 

To go along with some of the paintings of Bonaparte found inside, all eight rooms are named after Bonaparte’s mistresses. The hotel includes an ADA-compliant room plus four connecting rooms ideal for families and bridal parties. 

Photo courtesy Hotel Toussaint
Photos by Ariana Allison

Each room has a robin’s egg blue-colored door with a gold plate announcing the room’s name. Inside, each has its own color scheme and personality. For example, The Eleonore has light pink walls and feminine touches, while The Clementine is full of furniture pieces in hues of green to complement the sage shade on the walls. Other rooms include French touches like brass fixtures, jewel-toned colorways and intricate ceiling medallions. 

The spaces are also outfitted with decor and furniture that can be found and purchased at The Corbel. Charlet says guests can find a booklet in their room, which will take them to links to purchase pieces they’ve fallen in love with during their stay. Even the one-of-a-kind antique pieces are up for grabs, though buyers will have to wait for a replacement piece to be sourced for the room before their purchase ships. 

“That made design a little more tricky, because it’s only a couple of brands that we carry for furniture and lighting,” Charlet says. “So, having to find those styles from The Corbel and then do eight completely different looks was a little challenging. But it really paid off.”


No part of the luxurious spaces was an afterthought, Charlet says. Even the bathrooms sport the same paint color as their adjoining rooms. White marble finishes provide a clean look. Bathrooms are also stocked with hairdryers and irons, and offer good lighting for makeup and those bridal getting-ready photo shoots. 

Because Hotel Toussaint lacks a lobby, the property has partnered with Louisiana Hospitality Group and the St. Francisville Inn across the street for check-ins. Those staying at the boutique hotel will also be able to pop over to the Inn and enjoy its amenities, like continental breakfasts, pool access and complimentary Champagne at check-in.

Head to The St. Francisville Inn’s website to scroll through detailed descriptions of each room. Call to book your stay. Hotel Toussaint is at 5729 Commerce St.