From chrome nails to reimagined French tips, the latest nail trends in Baton Rouge

Almond or Coffin-shaped. Bright, vibrant hues or toned-down nudes. Glossy top coats or soft, matte finishes. There are plenty of ways to customize your manicure these days. 

Though the possibilities are endless, we asked local salon Sweetheart Nails which trends seem to be a favorite among nail clients. From a colorful twist on a classic design to glimmering nail lacquers offered in a variety of hues, here are some of the most popular ways to get your nails done right now. 

Reflective glitter nails 

For the holiday season, Sweetheart’s head of marketing Kim Sieng is expecting a ton of requests for sparkly and glamorous nails. Unlike normal glitter varnish, reflective polish really shines when it catches the light, turning your fingertips into minuscule galaxies that become showstopping under the bright lights of camera flashes. Reflective glitter nails are sure to add a glitzy umph to any holiday look. 

Chrome nails 

These elevated nude nails were made famous by model Hailey Bieber, which is why they’re often called “Hailey Bieber nails.” Bieber first sported the style at the Met Gala earlier this year. After Bieber’s nail artist revealed the secret to the design, fans took note, requesting the look at salons. It’s no different in Baton Rouge, where Sweetheart Nails owner Randy Truong says this is the salon’s most in-demand request. All it takes is a thin layer of a neutral shade followed by silver chrome powder, finished with a glossy gel top coat. If the milky white color is not your style, you can achieve this look by dusting chrome powder over any color you choose. Bieber even gave her nails a fall update recently by adding the shimmer over top of her mocha brown manicure. Sieng says these nails will be a great accessory to any outfit. 

Colorful French-tipped nails 

The staff at Sweetheart Nails has had quite a few clients asking for classic French tips but with a colorful twist. Sieng says it’s a great style for clients who may not want to go all out with loud colors. These nails are achieved by laying down a light-colored base just like a normal French Tip. Then the tip is delicately painted on with any color the client chooses. This look elevates the standard French tip and allows customers to express themselves with subtle pops of color for a nail style that will go with everything.  

This article was originally published in the December 2022 issue of 225 magazine.