Why the watery eyes? sponsored by Trio Eyecare

Did you know that the number of times a human blinks decreases drastically when they are focused on something? On average, humans blink three to eight times per minute when reading, watching TV, listening to a podcast, working on a computer, or any activity that requires intense focus. This lack of blinking over time can lead to eye strain and dry eyes.

Making a conscious effort to blink more often during high focus activities can improve your eye quality. Make it a habit to close your eyes when you are thinking or doing something that doesn’t require your vision. Set reminders for yourself to do a blinking exercise during periods of focus.

Blinking is necessary to clean and moisturize the eye. During each blink, a thin layer of tears is spread across the eye surface, keeping them from drying out as well as brushing away any small particles that could irritate the eye. When we don’t blink as much or as often, the eye tends to be dryer, causing the overproduction of tears … hence making them more watery.

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