Take pride in your health, sponsored by Open Health Care Clinic

Proudly serving Baton Rouge as a beacon of inclusivity and compassion, Open Health stands committed to enhancing community well-being. Here, everyone receives quality medical, dental, and behavioral care, regardless of insurance coverage or financial means. At Open Health, inclusivity isn’t just a goal—it’s a mission. Open Health Care Clinic creates an environment that erases social stigmas and fosters unity.

Open Health envisions a system that will ensure access to and awareness of high quality and culturally competent preventive and primary medical care and support services that respond effectively to the emerging needs of the community. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Open Health proudly delivers primary care and a spectrum of specialized services with expertise and dedication. Open Health’s impact extends far beyond healing bodies. By empowering communities, Open Health paves the way for a healthier society. Join in celebrating the power of good health, because at Open Health, your well-being is the priority. Together, let’s embrace a future where health care truly is open to all.