When is the right time to get the flu vaccine? sponsored by Velocity Clinical Research

The 2023 flu season is quickly approaching. Brandon J. Essink, MD, CPI, Chief Physician Officer and Principal Investigator at Velocity Clinical Research in Omaha, NE, shared his expert opinions on the best time to get the flu vaccine, how it works, and why Velocity is always working on developing new vaccines to help people thrive. Obviously, there’s a risk to any type of medication, but flu shots in general are very safe for most patients. Typically, they work by helping the body create antibodies. Some of the older versions of the vaccines are still prevailing, and those were made available in August. Essink believes that patients are better off waiting until the flu breaks out, which typically is around Thanksgiving season when people are traveling. However, for older, higher risk patients, the higher dose vaccines in September or October are recommended. Velocity Clinical Research believes that there’s going to be a vaccine that’s better, has less side effects, and is easier to produce. Learn more about the 2023 flu vaccine.