Preparing your home to entertain, sponsored by Bassett Furniture Direct

Prepare your home in advance for seamless entertaining. Complete tasks like cleaning, silver polishing, and setting up glassware beforehand to ease last-minute stress. Craft a playlist with Motown classics, make a grocery list, and prep or freeze items. Set the table with consideration for dining chairs, benches, or ottomans, along with tablecloths or placemats. Decide on cloth or paper napkins and, if opting for cloth, set up the iron. Choose between plated, buffet, or family-style meals; versatile pieces like etageres can serve multiple purposes. Consider multi-functional furniture and plan a striking centerpiece, but delay flower purchases until the party day for freshness. For holidays or themed events, decorate creatively to reflect your personality. Cluster candles or tea lights for added charm, remembering that a trio is often more visually appealing.