How to participate in the MoTrPAC research trials, sponsored by Pennington Biomedical Research Center

If you’re interested in increasing your physical fitness while making money and contributing to research, read here for more information on how to become a participant in the MoTrPAC study.

Participants will be assigned to 12 weeks of either resistance exercise training, endurance exercise training, or a sedentary control group. Individuals in the exercise groups will visit the Pennington Biomedical fitness center three days a week for 12 weeks to work out with an onsite trainer. Various testing will be performed at different points throughout the study to measure factors like blood pressure, physical fitness, cholesterol, fat, muscle, and heart rate. Compensation of up to $1,500 is offered for the completion of this study. To qualify, participants should be 18  or older, exercise once a week or less, and have no history of diabetes or heart disease. If you are interested in volunteering for MoTrPAC, click here to screen online, call 225.763.3000 or email [email protected].