NIH launches largest precision nutrition research effort of its kind, sponsored by Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Nutrition for Precision Health is working with 14 sites across the country, including Pennington Biomedical Research Center, to engage 10,000 participants from diverse backgrounds and learn more about how individuals respond differently to food. “The study will generate a massive dataset, a wealth of biospecimens and the algorithms that will lead to personalized dietary prescriptions that can promote health, prevent heart attacks or strokes, and address health disparities,” said Pennington Biomedical Executive Director John Kirwan, Ph.D.

The study’s findings may one day allow healthcare providers to offer more customized nutritional guidance to improve overall health. The goal of precision nutrition is to move from a “one-size-fits-most” approach to more specific recommendations that are based on each individual’s unique characteristics and environments. NPH will study how a range of factors—including genes, lifestyle, health history, the gut microbiome, and social determinants of health—influence a person’s response to diet. To participate in NPH, individuals must be age 18 or over and must enroll in or already be enrolled in NIH’s All of Us Research Program. For more information or to join this exciting new research study, click here.