Learn about clinical trials, sponsored by Velocity Clinical Research

Treatments. Vaccines. Medical devices. Infant formula. Wearable tech. The future of medicine relies on clinical trials, which help determine if medicines, medical devices, vaccines, and tests are safe and effective. Treatments for everything from acne to cancer exist because of people who participated in a clinical trial.

The goals of clinical trials are to gather and analyze data so experts can determine how safe and effective an investigational product is. Generally, participants are paid for the time involved with completing study-related activities (amounts differ per study). Participants may also receive free exams or tests related to the study. Some people also join clinical trials to access therapies in development, but not yet available in the market. Science and technology are ready to shape the future of health and care, but it can’t start without clinical trial participants. By participating in a clinical trial, you can help researchers uncover better ways to treat conditions that may affect you, your loved ones, and future generations. Find a clinical trial near you today.