5 steps to a successful home redesign project, sponsored by Bassett Furniture Direct

Are you excited, but overwhelmed about a home project? Bassett Furniture Direct shares these five steps to redesign your home, breaking it into a manageable plan with reasonable costs. Take a deep breath—it’s time to transform your home!

• Define priorities: Focus on one room at a time and consider family needs and lifestyle over home features.

• Gather inspiration: Explore sources like Pinterest or in-store visits, and create a wish list of preferred items.

• Develop a phased plan: Prioritize essential rooms and items. Keep a wish list for future phases.

• Consult design professionals: Seek expert guidance for big-picture ideas or finishing details. Outsource stressful aspects of the project.

• Utilize resources: Explore financing options for a comprehensive project. Access website chat functions and in-store consultations for additional insights.