Enjoy Creole history and outdoor recreation, sponsored by Pointe Coupée Parish Office of Tourism

One of the oldest communities in the River Valley, Pointe Coupée Parish is a haven of French Creole history and culture. Pointe Coupée is a region rich in outdoor sports and recreation, allowing you to drive on its country roads, boat  along the waterways, or walk under live oaks all within a small area. On clear days like Fourth of July or Labor Day weekend, the horseshoe-shaped bend offers a variety of nautical crafts, including paddling, boating, fishing, sailing, tubing, and water skiing. The Morrison Parkway in downtown New Roads offers a free public boat launch, fishing pier, barbecue, and picnic facilities. Lake folk can also launch from Sand Bar in Oscar, play a match of beach volleyball, or order another round from their outdoor bar. Nightlife for the locals typically means frying up the day’s catch and relaxing on the dock. Take a trip to Pointe Coupée Parish and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of South Louisiana.