Dog Tales of [225]: Lewis Companies Official Greeters Elly Mae & Daisy Duke

Sponsored by Lewis Companies

Owner: Lanny and Valerie Lewis

Breed: French Bulldogs

Age: Elly Mae is 3; Daisy Duke, 2

In just one word: Pampered

Assignment: Official Greeters. The second guests walk through the doors, Elly Mae and Daisy Duke anxiously await hugs.

Unique skill set: Energy and personality

Office buddies: The entire Lewis Companies team considers them family. But in the end, they are their own best friends and are rarely seen without one another.

Performance bonuses: Milk Bone Treats and lunch leftovers

Obsessions: This instagram-worthy duo adores riding in the car trying to capture the attention of motorists, making them a frequent subject for impromptu photo shoots with admirers.

Favorite getaway: The beach—and unlimited sand to dig. But being the mischievous dogs they are, escaping to the barn to play with the horses is a fave activity, too.

Forgivable flaw: Oh, how they snore.

Company bio: Shortly after losing a beloved English Bulldog, Valerie Lewis discovered a local resident with a litter of Frenchies and immediately fell in love with Elly. Daisy was later given to Lanny and Valerie as a surprise Christmas gift from the Lewis Companies team, providing Elly a companion. 

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