Dog Tales of [225]: Dogtopia Offical Greeter Scamp

Sponsored by Dogtopia

Owner: The McCumsey Family (Mac, Mia, Jessie, Sue & Kenny)

Breed: Airedale Terrier

Age: 2

In just one word: Exuberant

Assignment: Official Greeter. Scamp loves and gets along with everyone―human or fur friend―and he says his hello to every new customer that walks in by demanding a head scratch. When he’s in the playroom, he loves to jump up in the window to smile at all the people and dogs coming into the lobby. He’s a social butterfly!

Unique skill set: Being a fun-loving dog who just wants to play and make friends with everyone he meets. The center of attention is where he prefers to be.

Office buddies: While Scamp loves the humans at the office, his Best Furry Friends Forever (BFFFs) are the dogs he plays with everyday in daycare. His besties include Daisy, Margeaux  and Dasher, but he is a friend to all. He’s also known to jump up and show the Canine Coaches that work at Dogtopia some love with huge hugs and puppy kisses.

Performance bonuses: Head scratches, all-natural Bully Sticks

Obsessions: Throwing Bully Sticks in the air to play catch and chase―even when he’s by himself.

Favorite getaway: Dogtopia, of course. When his mom gets dressed for work he starts jumping around and barking and heads for the door: It’s time for daycare. He also enjoys heading down to the camp in Grand Isle for a little R&R with his family.

Forgivable flaw: As a young dog, Scamp occasionally gets into trouble for chewing on things―he is particularly fond of his mama’s reading glasses and has destroyed quite a few pairs. No one stays mad for long.

Company bio: The McCumsey family has always had dogs of many different breeds, but they  really fell in love with the mischievous terrier face that Airedales have, as well as their loving, energetic and patient-with-kids nature. His namesake is Lady & The Tramp’s son, because  6-year-old Sawyer McCumsey loves the movie. Scamp has six fur-siblings in the McCumsey home: Bear, Molly, Riggs, Lilly, Mouse and Kona.

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