Dog Tales of [225]: Brighton School Therapy Dog Bengal

Sponsored by The Brighton School

Owner: The Brighton School

Breed: Goldendoodle

Age: 4 months old

In just one word: Spunky

Assignment: Therapy Dog. Dogs are calming influences on people because they can help the brain relax. Our students work hard and when a child has a learning difference, learning can be challenging all the time. Frustration can set in and emotions can increase. We want to assist students modulate the feeling of anxiousness, frustration or other negative emotions. Bengal will be available to love on students individually or in small groups.

Unique skill set: Bengal has a sweet face. He isn’t unsettled with many small hands reaching out to pet him. Once he is settled in school, Bengal will be a member of the Brighton family that helps students reach their highest potential.

Office buddies: No favorites.

Performance bonuses: Cut up hotdogs

Obsessions: Playing with his best friend, Thana, a three-legged golden retriever puppy.

Favorite getaway: He loves a trip to Petco with his trainer, Ashley.

Forgivable flaw: When Bengal gets excited, he likes to hop. It takes him a few minutes to calm down.

Company bio: In May 2019, Senior Delyia Posey worked on the topic “Therapy Dogs and Their Ability to Relieve Stress and Anxiety in Children with Disabilities” for her Capstone Project. It was hoped that the subject could become a reality at the Brighton School. Two years later, a Goldendoodle was generously donated to the Brighton fundraising auction. Angelle High, Director of Enrollment, had heard of Delyia’s thesis and loved the idea, so she bought a charity ticket. Angelle ended up winning the raffle and donated Bengal to Brighton so he could go to therapy training and eventually work at Brighton School.

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