How to choose the perfect light fixtures for your home, sponsored by Bassett Furniture Direct

Choosing the right lamp involves considering the overall room design, even for a single table, floor, or pendant lamp. Understanding the purposes of different lighting options, such as ambient, accent, overhead, path, and task lighting, is crucial. Lighting should be categorized into low-level (tabletop lamps), medium height (floor lamps, wall sconces), and overhead/pendant lighting (chandeliers, pendant lights). Pendant lights, serving as focal points, set the mood and style of a room.

It’s important to diversify lighting sources at different levels in a room, including chandeliers, floor lamps, task lamps, and table lamps. Choose fixtures that match your style. Prevent glare with suitable tabletop lamps and let them be statement pieces for added character. Experiment with different light bulbs and dimmer switches for versatility. Ultimately, the right lighting enhances a room’s ambiance, mood, and functionality.