Washington Mardi Gras Queen Camille Morrison recounts her experience at the 75th annual celebration

Those who’ve attended Mardi Gras in our country’s capital understand the whirlwind that takes place. It’s an event filled with non-stop excitement and incredible experiences. To get a better idea of the festivities, this year’s Washington Mardi Gras queen, Camille Morrison, is giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of life as Louisiana royalty.

“This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and it was honestly a lot more work than I thought,” Morrison says of the marathon weekend jam-packed with luncheons, ceremonies, cocktail parties and balls. “The events require an ample amount of energy while running on very little sleep. In the past, I’d attended the evening events and had a blast, but being able to participate in every event throughout the day, front and center, was just truly amazing. My favorite event was the Thursday night party my family hosted at Vue, the rooftop bar on top of Hotel Washington overlooking the Washington Monument and White House, which is such a spectacular sight to see at night.”

Camille Morrison being escorted by her father, Shane Morrison.

This year, the Mystick Krewe of Louisianians celebrated 75 years. That, along with Drew Brees serving as king, meant added pomp and circumstance surrounding every aspect of the days-long celebration. The theme “Louisiana: The Most Interesting State in America” was the motivation behind the festivities, inspiring themed celebrations that not only spoke to the spirit of Louisiana but the pageantry that makes Mardi Gras so special.

One of our favorite parts of Mardi Gras and its over-the-top nature is the clothes. With Morrison serving as queen, her outfit choices were in the spotlight. She enlisted the help of New Orleans designer Suzanne Perron St. Paul to assemble a wardrobe of looks worthy of royalty.

“It’s hard to pick a favorite because I truly loved them all,” Morrison explains, adding that the custom outfits required several design meetings and fittings, “but I think it would have to be the pantsuit Suzanne created for the wreath-laying ceremony because it was the most comfortable.”

Now having a few weeks to process, Morrison says the magnitude of the event is just setting in. Representing Louisiana and it’s vibrant culture at the nation’s capital is an honor that will stick with her for a lifetime.

“It’s truly indescribable. You need to go to understand,” she says. “I’m just so blessed and honored to have been the 75th Queen of the Mystick Krewe of Louisiana. It’s definitely a memory I will never forget!”

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