Tiger Stadium’s new DJ, Kool DJ SupaMike, brings fresh energy to game day

LSU fans have a new soundtrack for fall Saturdays, thanks to a student section addition: Kool DJ SupaMike.

This isn’t his first music gig with the LSU Tigers, though. He contributed to some of the iconic, nationally recognized football hype videos during the 2019 season.

The DJ spoke with 225 about the behind-the-scenes of DJing one of college sports’ biggest venues and what he hopes to bring to the games. Answers have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Kool DJ SupaMike. Photo by Gus Stark, LSU Athletics / Courtesy Kool DJ SupaMike

How were you chosen as the DJ? What was that process like?

I’ve been working with the team. I was on campus with the athletics department, and they said, ‘This year, man, the players, the coaches and the athletics department want to put a different vibe in there.’ They felt like it could be a great thing to bring some different, new energy into Tiger Stadium along with the band. The players, actually, and the coaches asked for it. We tried it out in the spring, and it worked. So we said, ‘We’re going to incorporate it into the season.’

When and where do you DJ during the games? Is it hard to balance when to play between the band, other announcements and spirit squads?

It is a phenomenal production, to say the least. That’s why if you ever watch when I’m DJing, there’s someone standing behind me to my left wearing a headset, and that person is my eyes and ears to Tiger Stadium. Everything runs through the press box, and we all coordinate with each other.

What is the energy like from your view during the games?

Oh man, you know, I feed off of the team. My job is to pump the team up. Everything I’m doing is for the team. When I pump the team up with the student section, it brings the energy to a whole other level. It feels like a wonderful thing to see everything going. It’s just crazy. I think I get most excited in the beginning of the game and the fourth quarter when I’m needed most.

Is there a certain vibe or type of music you play or even certain songs?

No, I play everything. I play different vibes for different audiences and different crowds of all ages: for players, for fans, all ages. I’m playing for the players, students, alumni—everybody.

What is your favorite part of being the DJ in Tiger Stadium?

Crowd reaction is my favorite part of DJing. I like to put on things that make fans scream. I like to put on music to get the players hype and the fans excited.

What else should LSU fans know about you?

I want it to be known that I’m there to pump a different energy into the stadium and add to the energy that’s already there. I look to keep growing it and turn it into something really, really big. My goal is to win the Student Section of the Year.