Mo Vij’s Baton Rouge startups and technology park, @Highland, are seeing major growth

There’s a story behind the glammy technology park @Highland that likely escapes its many daily passersby. The sleek modern building that opened at the corner of Highland Road and Bluebonnet Boulevard in 2018 is the pet project of Mohit “Mo” Vij, a pioneering entrepreneur who has launched two successful tech companies and enthusiastically headquartered them both in Baton Rouge.

Vij, a transplant from India who earned graduate degrees at LSU, first founded General Informatics, an information technology company now with 250 employees from Texas to the Carolinas, in 2001. His latest venture, 365Labs, is a platform for law enforcement entities that grew from General Informatics’ work with public safety clients.

“With General Informatics, we were working with law enforcement as an IT service provider,” says Vij, 52. “And you could start seeing the gaps or the issues for them, and we said, ‘Hey, there’s an opportunity here.’”

365Labs is a game changer in streamlining public safety record-keeping, says Vij, helping law enforcement officers save valuable time. The company has quickly won accolades for its work. Last year, it was named the third-fastest-growing public safety company on the Inc. 5000. It also earned the No. 2 spot on the LSU100 list of fastest-growing businesses owned by LSU alumni. Since the company’s products were first released in 2021, it has expanded to 75 cities across 11 states.

Meanwhile, @Highland continues to serve as Vij’s companies’ impressive headquarters, showcasing to visiting clients and partners that Baton Rouge is capable of hosting high-growth tech companies. The businesses located within the complex will be joined this month by a sleek rendition of the sushi restaurant Tsunami on the ground floor. And two additional phases of the development are expected to break ground this year: Residences @Highland with 200 modern one- and two-bedroom apartments, and Market @Highland featuring two floors of restaurants and retail.

“Our visitors want to check us out. They want to see our software and see who we are,” Vij says. “They can see we’re more than a mom-and-pop operation.”

This article originally appeared in the February 2024 issue of 225 magazine.