Date Night: Meeta & Chuck Williamson

Married for six years

What they do: Meeta, 40, is a senior reimbursement business advisor at Allergan Inc. and Chuck, 46, is the CEO of Williamson Eye Center.

How they met: “Chuck and I used to work together, and when we were working together, we did not like each other at the time. We didn’t even like working with each other, initially. He says we had ‘different operating philosophies.’ Our first date was a Saints game, and I remember he just kept talking. And I was like ‘Can you just get me a hot dog and beer, please, and we’ll talk after the game?’ We now have three kids total: My stepson is 15, and we have a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old,” Meeta says.

How they make time for each other: “We made a commitment when we got married to make sure we put our marriage first. We both have very hectic work schedules—he runs a big business, and I travel heavily for work. We also are very involved in the community. We wanted to make sure at least once a week, or whenever we could, to get a babysitter and go to dinner so we could reconnect. When a new spot opens in town, we try it out,” Meeta says.

Their favorite date night spot: “Lately, the place that we’ve talked about the most and has left a really great impression is BLDG 5. The service is personal and the owners are just extremely hospitable. It has a neat interior and a really welcoming atmosphere. It’s kind of like this little oasis in the middle of town,” Chuck says. Meeta adds, “The food is fresh, and there’s something for everybody on their menu.”

This article was originally published as part of our Date Night cover story in the February 2020 issue of 225 Magazine. Click here to read more article from the cover package.