Date Night: Brandon Dufrene & Brandon Stoute

Married for five years

What they do: Dufrene, 32, is a marketing specialist at Baton Rouge General and Stoute, 44, is the senior director of finance at Capital Area United Way.

How they met: They were introduced by a mutual friend, who Dufrene has known since middle school. “He said ‘Oh, you have to meet my friend Brandon,’” Dufrene recalls. “Then he showed me his Myspace, and that’s kind of when I became infatuated with him. We met shortly thereafter, out one night.”

How they make time for each other: “Brandon works downtown, so since we have been together for 14 years, we do try to do random lunch dates during the week,” Dufrene says. “Sometimes, we drive out to downtown on the weekends, and we do breakfast/coffee dates.” Stoute adds, “I’ve been at United Way for 21 years, since I first moved to Baton Rouge. While I’ve moved around different places in town, downtown has been the one constant for me. It’s sort of like my go-to place. I like the fact that anytime you want to see water, you can go up on the levee. So we try to incorporate some levee time when we can when going downtown.”

Their favorite date night spot: “Tsunami is probably one of our favorite places to go,” Dufrene says. “The view is great, it’s such a good vibe, and we love sushi. We love downtown, and we like being on the water. So, it checks all the boxes for us. A newer place that we’ve found is Milford’s in the Watermark Hotel. That’s a great breakfast spot. We also love The Little Village. Everybody knows the bread there is amazing.”   

This article was originally published as part of our Date Night cover story in the February 2020 issue of 225 Magazine. Click here to read more article from the cover package.