Culture Candy and grassroots art show Stabbed in the Art return—and join forces

Rodneyna Hart had a question: Whatever happened to Stabbed in the Art, the local DIY art show that gave emerging artists some much-needed wall space and exposure?

Hart, who works at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum and the Healthcare Gallery, turned to social media. The community conversation quickly evolved into who could get the event running again. “I learned that that someone was me,” Hart says with a laugh.

And in the same way that a rising tide lifts all boats, the dormant art non-profit Culture Candy rose to the surface as well.

In June, the Culture Candy website, which had been inactive for a couple years, was back up and running, a new board had been installed with Hart serving as executive director, and the group was hosting its first event, a Stabbed in the Art mini-show at Radio Bar.

“It’s exactly the kind of event Culture Candy is made for,” Hart says. “This was really a good way of getting our toes wet.”

Culture Candy’s renewed focus, she says, is to provide commerce for local artists through an online calendar and directory and regular events such as Stabbed, which returns for another mini-show at Radio Bar Aug. 11.

Hart says they are looking for other venues for the art show in the fall, and also want to provide direct sales for artist members through the website in the future. culturecandy.org

This article was originally published in the August 2018 issue of 225 Magazine.