Completed during the pandemic, Studyville keeps remote learning top of mind 

A thorny algebra problem that brings an eighth grader to tears. A paper on Hamlet that’s (what?) due tomorrow. A science project requiring a level of STEAM awareness that mystifies the average parent. It’s that time of year when an already stressful school calendar starts to feel, well, more stressful, because lurking around the corner? Are final exams.

To help kids and teens get the most out of studying—and to save their parents some grief—it’s important to create the right setting, says Studyville founder and CEO Amanda Vincent.

Vincent is a marketing veteran and the mom of a sixth and a ninth grader.

She opened Studyville in Perkins Rowe August 2020. The teen-centric academic center gives young people a place to do their homework, access tutors and engage in college prep, including ACT tutoring and meetings with college counselors. Vincent worked with Ritter Maher Architects to create a study lounge that felt both fun and productive, and also nodded to spaces on a college campus.

Because sprawling out on a bed or sofa, or trying to work in a high traffic area of the home, isn’t going to yield your teen success in school. A better strategy, Vincent says, is to establish a consistent, well-organized spot where nothing but studying takes place.

“The most important thing you can do for your kids is to have a dedicated space for studying,” Vincent says. “That includes a desk, a chair, materials, all the supplies they’ll need and a charging station.” Having everything at the ready helps students keep up with their homework, complete projects and prepare for exams with fewer distractions.

Your study nook at home might not mimic Studyville’s streamlined flash, but take inspiration from its design elements as you create—or tweak—the place where your kids crack the books. studyville.com

How to create a smart study station

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This article was originally published in the April 2021 issue of 225 magazine.