Better in BTR campaign adds a new wrinkle

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber and Visit Baton Rouge on Tuesday released its Better in BTR human resources and marketing tool kit, part of the recently launched Better in BTR multiyear campaign aimed to attract and retain young professionals in the Capital Region.

Resources in the tool kit include Baton Rouge key messages and city highlights, a neighborhood guide, cost of living information, guides to entertainment and networking, and marketing materials. BRAC and Visit BR are encouraging local organizations to use these tools to strengthen their recruitment efforts. The place-based marketing elevates the region’s external image through consistent and concise messaging, according to the organizations.

The Better in BTR campaign highlights Baton Rouge as a “right-sized” Southeastern city where professional and personal connection is a way of life, where careers in research, innovation and entrepreneurship flourish, and where a diverse and lively culture makes life outside of work more rewarding and fulfilling than competing cities.

The campaign, announced last year and launched in April, is being financed through nearly $1 million in COVID relief funds from the city-parish, which gave the money to BRAC and Visit BR in 2022 for the project.

“Unified community messaging is crucial in showcasing the true essence of Baton Rouge,” says Jill Kidder, Visit Baton Rouge president and CEO. “When our local organizations speak with one voice, it amplifies our strengths and makes a compelling case for why people should live, work and visit here.

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