Baton Rouge visual effects business growing despite the pandemic

Post-production work has been a bright spot for the local film industry

While the pandemic shut down film and television production around the country for much of 2020, the local industry saw an uptick in post-production work.

Baton Rouge now has several post-production houses that specialize in creating visual special effects, or VFX. One of the biggest players is Crafty Apes, a multi-city visual effects house that opened its Louisiana office in Baton Rouge in early 2020.

It’s thanks in part to 2017 changes in Louisiana’s film industry tax credit program, which offers incentives for work shot or produced in the state, including a 5% tax credit on post-production work done here, even if filming takes place somewhere else. Local film industry experts say they are optimistic about 2021. Read on for more in the full story from a Feb. 8 edition of Daily Report.