Basis Materra: Advancing in academics and the arts, sponsored by Take Note

Students at Basis Materra Baton Rouge get to exercise both sides of the brain, specifically through academics and the arts. Head of School Jared Lamb says that Basis Materra is a rigorous academic school, but there are also many other outlets and opportunities for experiences.

Visual arts, jujitsu, and other physical education enrichments are available to students. Earlier this month, the school’s drama teachers worked with each grade level to put on class performances that took place November 14–18. The drama department is currently rehearsing for the play Matilda Jr. After weeks of practice, students will showcase their hard work at community performances December 8–11.

While the middle school band program is new to Basis Materra, it’s already popular among the sixth graders. Students will perform for the first time in a families-only concert this winter, but a spring concert will later be available to the public. Click here to learn more about the programming at Basis.