‘225’ readers share what the magazine has meant to them over the years

For 15 years, 225 has strived to connect readers with local businesses, creators, organizations and changemakers. Though the staff members, story ideas and writing styles have evolved over the years, one thing has remained the same: 225’s appreciation for readers. From the print story selection to the online content, every decision our team makes is with the audience in mind. While locals regularly read stories written by our staff, it’s not every day the 225 team gets to hear from the readers. We asked our social media followers what the magazine means to them. Here’s how you replied.

“I have always related 225 Magazine with top-of-the-line information about the latest in our area, from events to top restaurants, local entrepreneurs and much more. I love the writers and their dynamic. Some of my favorite sections are Style, Calendar and, of course, the Taste section. Overall, 225 has become part of our community and informs us of the latest that is happening in town.”

—Jennifer Recinos

“I pick up an issue of 225 every month because I enjoy seeing familiar faces doing things to better Baton Rouge. The older I get and the more involved in the Baton Rouge community I become, the more faces I recognize in the magazine, and that’s the beauty of local media. Every city needs a place to highlight the growth and changes that happen. 225 Magazine shines a light on those pushing Baton Rouge forward.”

—Adrienne Wood

“I absolutely love picking up 225 Magazine! I am always looking for the next new cover on the stands. It has introduced me to some seriously amazing restaurants and creatives over the years! It helps locals support locals, and I just love that.”

—Victoria Hines

I was mailed 225 Magazine while deployed to Iraq in 2008-2009, and it brought me a piece of home while in a terrible spot serving in the U.S. Army. I’ve been a devoted fan ever since that year!

—Eric Hart

“225 has meant quality reporting on a wide variety of topics about Baton Rouge. It’s also my go-to publication for where to go for a good time, good food and drinks and good music. I hate when I can’t find a copy. I’ll read it online, but it’s so much better with a paper copy in my hands! Hey, I’m old school.”

—Joanne Cowgill

225 has always been a great way to capture the pulse and the people of our great city. You can learn about all kinds of different businesses being born here that you would have never known of otherwise.”

—Sarah Collins Bennett

“Over the years, 225 has meant for me: opportunity and thankfulness. I am proud to say that I live in
Baton Rouge and was granted the opportunity to grow my business here. I like to read the magazine because it keeps me up to date with what’s
going on in the 225 area.”

—Justin Walker

“I am a newcomer to Baton Rouge, and 225 was one of the first resources I picked up. I have been an avid 225 reader since moving to Baton Rouge in May 2019! I get excited to see a new issue on newsstands each month. Every issue I get the chance to learn about a new place to explore or local maker to check out, and I just love it! Thanks for inspiring me to be more connected to my new home!”

—Kristina Pepelko

This article was originally published in the November 2020 issue of 225 Magazine.

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