Watch for R2-D2 beer keg at Baton Rouge tailgates and events

Barton Gilley fills his cup from the R2-D2 keg at a Tin Roof tailgate party Aug. 15. Photo by Allie Appel

What’s better than a beer keg? Not much, unless it’s also a walking, beeping replica of R2-D2.

Barton Gilley’s full-service drink dispenser is an exact replica of the famous Star Wars character. The head spins, the LED lights blink, and it makes all of R2-D2’s characteristic sounds.

Oh, and it dispenses beer. Or lemonade or virtually any other drink you can imagine, but let’s face it—when R2-D2 is making rounds at an LSU tailgate, fans are seeking beer.

Baton Rouge R2-D2 beer keg
Courtesy Barton Gilley

The drink dispenser is hands-free. When a cup is held under the arm, a sensor detects the cup and opens the faucet. Pull the cup away for it to stop pouring, Gilley says. Soon, the replica will be remote-controlled.

Gilley, a longtime Star Wars fan, says R2-D2 has a lot of public appearances planned in the near future.

In addition to wheeling around the Parade Grounds at every LSU home game, the replica will appear at the Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire at the Goodwood Library Sept. 26, the next Pop! Art Show Oct. 30, the New Orleans Mini Maker Faire and the New Orleans robot parade.

Gilley says he wants to bring R2-D2 to the Movie Tavern premiere of Star Wars: Episode VII in December.

The mobile keg is also available for rent at private parties and events. To rent R2-D2 for an event, contact Barton Gilley at [email protected].