Unique king cakes to try in Baton Rouge for the 2021 Mardi Gras season

Louisiana’s favorite dessert is constantly getting reinvented with new looks and flavors. More bakeries and restaurants are attempting to put their own spin on king cakes, switching out the classic cinnamon flavor for other sweet ingredients or fruit.

Last week, 225 rounded up some of the wildest king cake offerings we’ve seen so far in 2021, from sushi king cakes to Carnival-flavored bread pudding.

This week, we’re focusing on sweet king cakes that are a little more traditional but have interesting ingredients. What other unique king cakes should we have on our radar? Email us at [email protected]!

The Eat Fit king cake at Alexander’s Highland Market

Don’t fret if you are trying to stick to a keto, gluten-free or dairy-free diet. You can have your cake and eat it, too, thanks to the The Eat Fit king cake from Ochsner Health. It is free of gluten, grains, dairy and sugar. You’ll find the cake in the aisles of Alexander’s Highland Market, alongside the market’s own varieties like tiramisu, cannoli and Oreo flavors, plus unique treats like king cake parfaits, bread pudding and burgers.

Alexander’s Highland Market is at 18111 Highland Market Drive. Call 615-7800 to place you order. You can also find the Eat Fit king cake in Baton Rouge at Good Eats Kitchen, Robert Fresh Market, PJ’s Coffee and Whole Foods Market.

Pina colada king cake at Ralph’s Market

Have your cake and drink it, too. Well, sort of, with a pina colada-flavored king cake, one of 50 flavors offered at Ralph’s. For those who love fresh fruit with their desserts, Ralph’s Market offers a long list of flavors, such as blueberry cream cheese pecan,  lemon, apple caramel, cherry cream cheese pecan, pineapple and more. When we visited last week, we photographed a Chantilly king cake in that day’s dessert case—with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Ralph’s Market is at 15013 Highway 44 in Gonzales. Call 622-4044 to place your order.

Mardi Gras cake from Tredici Bakery 

If you prefer classic cake to king cake, head to Tredici Bakery. Among its many Carnival-themed offerings is a Mardi Gras Cake. The cinnamon swirl cake has a strawberry or blueberry filling and is topped with a Mardi Gras sugar cookie.

Tredici Bakery is at 5078 Capital Heights Ave. Call 448-5216 to place an order.


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Magpie Cafe’s vegan king cake

Magpie Cafe has always been a great spot for vegan or Paleo treats, and Carnival season is no different. This year, Magpie is serving individual-sized vegan king with cinnamon pecan flavoring. Grab them while they’re hot.

Magpie Cafe is at 3205 Perkins Road. Call 366-6885 to place an order.

Rösch Bakehaus’s bourbon-roasted peaches king cake

Each week, Rösch Bakehaus creates some of the most creatively lavish king cakes.

The local bakery releases a delicious new king cake for sale on its website a couple times a week. You might want to turn on your post notifications, though—quantities are limited and often sell out within minutes.

This week’s specialty flavors include a cake with bourbon-roasted peaches, cream cheese and walnut ginger streusel; and a cake with chocolate lavender and earl grey-steeped blueberries. Sounds like heaven.

Rösch Bakehaus is at 2179 Broussard St. Call 772-0506 to place an order.


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The Unbirthday Baker’s cookie butter king cakes

This cottage bakery in Central makes edible art, hand painting its cakes and treats.

During Mardi Gras season, that includes its cookie butter-flavored king cake topped with a gold baby.

The bakery also makes strawberry, blueberry, traditional and cream cheese flavors, as well as cupcakes. Email [email protected] to place an order.