Two Baton Rouge chefs will go head-to-head on Food Network next month

Baton Rouge chef Jay Ducote is returning to Food Network to compete on another television cooking competition.

Ducote, who has made appearances on the cooking channel several times over the years, is slated to appear in the season premiere of Superchef Grudge Match. The show, going into its second season, stages two different battles between chefs who have “beefs” with each other to finally bury the hatchet and win $10,000 cash, a prized knife from the losing chef and lifelong bragging rights over their food foe, according to Deadline.

For the episode, the renowned Chef Danny Wilson challenged Ducote in a head-to-head battle to prove who is the “real deal when it comes to Southern cuisine.”

The Baton Rouge chef is a familiar face on cooking shows. Ducote has previously competed in Food Network Star—where he made it to finals—in 2015, Cutthroat KitchenChopped and Beat Bobby Flay. He’s also appeared on Fox’s MasterChef.

Ducote is planning a viewing party on December 26 at Brickyard South.

Ducote established himself in 2010 with his Bite and Booze blog and as the founder of Gov’t Taco, which he sold to Guaranty Media in 2019. Ducote left Guaranty Media earlier this year and the restaurant announced Wednesday on Instagram that it would be closing for good on Saturday.

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