Try this throwback baked pineapple casserole recipe on a spring weekend

It’s springtime, y’all. Everything is fresh, green and blooming. It reminds us of spending time outside, playing in the garden with our children and enjoying nice, mild weekends. Recipe writer Tracey Koch wrote this month’s recipes with those memories in mind. Her April menu is all about throwback dishes that welcome spring.

First up is a retro dish that has been around for quite some time: Southern Baked Pineapple Casserole. Tracey says she isn’t sure where it originated or even why because the ingredients don’t sound like they would go together. However, the combination of tangy pineapple and nutty cheddar cheese makes this a side worth trying. The sweet yet savory flavor combination would perfectly complement a smoky baked ham for a Sunday dinner. She updated this Southern classic by adding a touch of curry powder and using some brown sugar in place of white sugar. It gives the dish a more complex flavor profile while keeping its classic Southern appeal.

Read on for the casserole recipe as well as all the other ideas Tracey has for the month. The recipe originally appeared in the April 2021 edition of 225.

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