Try this Ice Cream Bon Bons recipe for an impressive Valentine’s Day dessert

We’ve gotten so good at celebrating holidays and milestones at home over the past year, so why not take a shot at some homemade treats for Valentine’s Day?

225 recipe writer Tracey Koch has prepared several restaurant-caliber recipes to wow your loved one, including chocolate bon bons with ice cream.

These little treats are fun to make with any flavor ice cream you like. This time, Tracey went very traditional by using vanilla, chocolate and coffee ice cream. She rolled some in chopped toasted nuts and others in chocolate cookie crumbs or covered in a dark chocolate shell. The different textures and flavors make for a great ending to dinner.

Read on for more tips and the full recipe, as well as all the other recipes for this Valentine’s Day dinner, which originally appeared in the February 2021 issue of 225.