It’s time for king cakes: Flavors to try around Baton Rouge this season

Today is officially the eve of king cake season.

Starting tomorrow, Jan. 6, Carnival fever kicks off. It’s a shorter season this year—Fat Tuesday is Feb. 13—so the next five-and-a-half weeks will be a fast-paced flurry of parades, balls, costumes and yes, as much king cake as one can endure.

We scoured social media and called local eateries for a sneak peek of what’s to come. Here are some riffs on Louisiana’s most famous cake that you can already find around town—and some you should make sure to save room for later. What king cake twists are you most pumped for in 2024? Tell us at [email protected].

Savory Boudin King Cake at City Pork

City Pork’s Savory Boudin King Cake boasts a unique twist: Its flavorful, Louisiana-style sausage blend is seamlessly woven into the layers of the cake. It’s a culinary innovation that captures the essence of Mardi Gras with every slice.

When to grab it: City Pork is already offering its savory treat, so snag one now before they sell out.

Photo courtesy Bistro Byronz

King Cake Bread Pudding at Bistro Byronz

Bistro Byronz’s King Cake Bread Pudding is famous for a reason: It marries two iconic Louisiana classics in a symphony of textures and tastes that evoke the spirit of Mardi Gras in every bite.

When to grab it: The King Cake Bread Pudding will be rolled out in mid-January.

Mardi Gras Martini at Eliza Restaurant & Bar

Eliza Restaurant & Bar is prepping to unveil its twist on the drink-of-the-moment: the Mardi Gras Martini. Served in a sprinkle-rimmed glass, the libation is a delightful way to get in the Carnival spirit.

When to grab it: The Mardi Gras Martini rolls out in a couple weeks.

Savory King Cake at Chris’s Specialty Foods

This Savory King Cake is bursting with pork boudin inside a lightly sweetened dough. It’s topped with a light sugar sprinkle, and the shop promises it can be served for dinner or dessert.

When to grab it: This item has already been rolled out for the season and is available to order.

Photo courtesy CounterspaceBR

King Cake Pop-Tart at CounterspaceBR

This treat encases a luscious cream cheese filling inside a flaky pastry, glazed with sprinkles in the signature colors of Mardi Gras. It’s a playful twist on a local culinary tradition and a nostalgic breakfast treat.

When to grab it: These can be made-to-order year-round, making Carnival flavors accessible anytime.

Photo courtesy Rotolo’s Craft & Crust

King Cake Calzone at Rotolo’s

You won’t find pizza flavors in Rotolo’s King Cake Calzones. The hand-rolled, buttery treat comes in two flavors: original king cake or apple pie cream cheese. It even comes with icing for dipping.

When to grab it: The King Cake Calzone is set to drop this Saturday, available at any Rotolo’s location until March 1.

King Cake Latte and Cake Balls at Brew Ha-Ha

Brew Ha-Ha presents a delightful dual twist on the traditional king cake. The King Cake Latte is a velvety fusion of espresso and Carnival goodness. It pairs harmoniously with the King Cake Balls, bite-sized treats that come in assorted flavors like raspberry or blueberry.

When to grab it: These items are available year-round so parade season never feels too far off.

King Cake Macarons at Les Amis Bake Shoppe

Les Amis Bake Shoppe adds a touch of whimsy and elegance to Mardi Gras traditions with its King Cake Macarons. Combining the delicate artistry of French macarons with the festive spirit of a king cake, this creation is a bite-sized indulgence with the vibrant hues of Mardi Gras.

When to grab it: This item rolls out this Saturday in honor of King’s Day.

The King Cake Burger at Mason’s Grill

Known for its innovative burger creations, Mason’s Grill takes a savory king cake to new heights with this avant-garde twist. A juicy beef patty is topped with decadent brie cheese and smoky bacon. It’s all sandwiched between two slices of king cake.

When to grab it: This item rolls out the week of Mardi Gras to keep you fueled up in between parades.